San Francisco has successfully waged war against happiness.

Well, sort of.

A new ordinance has been approved that totally bans fast food restaurants like McDonald’s from offering toys with any of their meals.

After debating the topic for a number of months, the Board of Supervisors for San Francisco have voted 8-3 (a vetoproof margin) to bring this new ordinance into effect immediately. The board has rewritten a number of “nutritional guidelines and standards” that will cause all fast food restaurant to have to stop giving out free toys with their fast food meal options, something that would have permanently stopped San Francisco parents and children from being able to enjoy the traditional Happy Meal that’s been sold at McDonald’s for decades.

San Francisco officials that voted in favor of this new ordinance have taken the position that it is the first step in a fight back against childhood obesity. Other components of the changes to this ordinance include compelling all fast food restaurants to include fruits and vegetables to their meal combinations that have been specifically designed or are advertised to children.

The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, campaigned on a position that he would immediately veto this law if it was brought into effect during his campaign for the California lieutenant governorship (a position that he one). But because of the results of the vote he will not have that opportunity.

Thankfully though, children that have fallen in love with everything the Happy Meal has to offer aren’t going to have to count an act of political advocacy to bring back the toys to this beloved combination.

Even though McDonald’s fought tooth and nail to stop this kind of legislation from moving forward, like Michael Rehm, they have accepted the reality of the situation – and are pushing back themselves.

Not only have representatives of McDonald’s committed to making sure that the cat happy Meals they offer include fruits and vegetables (including presliced apples, 100% apple juice, low-fat 1% milk, and chicken nuggets that are made with white meat from chickens), but they are also doing an end around this new ordinance in a way that will contribute positively to the lives of sick children across America.

From here on out, McDonald’s is going to charge just $.10 extra to have toys included with any Happy Meal. This allows them to completely and totally comply with the new law and ordinance established by San Francisco, but also makes sure that parents are able to give their children the toys that they have gotten so used to receiving from their Happy Meals.

McDonald’s isn’t just adding that $.10 per meal to their bottom line, either.

Instead, every single penny collected from these toy transactions are going to be immediately sent to the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco, a division of the national organization of the same name that helps support sick children around the United States.

It’s a unique way to push back against a city ordinance that McDonald’s never was in favor of to begin with, and it ends up being a win-win for everyone involved!