Marin County, California has a population of over two hundred and fifty thousand and it’s renowned for its natural splendor, its liberal residents and its wealth.

However, like all other American counties, this one has its fair share of crime and we are here today in order to discuss crime statistics for this region.

We’ll touch on a range of crime stats, including violent crimes, property crimes and DUIs. Our guide will help you to understand how Marin County compares to other American areas and it is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how much criminal activity happens within Marin County on an annual basis.

General Crime Stats for Marin County


Let’s start things off by talking about general crime statistics for the area. In terms of violent crimes, this county had 524 incidences of violent crime in 2012. This equated to 2.09 violent crimes per thousand residents. Where property crimes are concerned, this county reported 3085 crimes in 2012, which equated to 12.31 property crimes per thousand persons.

DUI Stats for this County

Teen DUI arrests doubled within Marin County during 2012, when compared to 2011 figures. Overall, there were 91 arrests of the DUI type during 2012 (all age groups). Unfortunately, Marin County DUI arrests for 2012 were up from 2011, according to Marin DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm though, the amount of DUI arrest should decrease with the rise of uber and other ride-sharing companies for the future.

Other California counties, such as Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, reported lower numbers of DUIs (2012 versus 2011 figures).

Information about Violent Crime in the Region

2012 was a year when many sensational crimes were reported in the county, such as shootings on Marin County streets, drive-by-style shootings and home invasions which were violent in nature. However, overall, violent crimes decreased in 2012. In 2011, the county reported 541 violent crimes. The next year, the figure fell to 490.

Property Crime is On the Rise

Property crimes are not declining and this is unfortunate. Examples of property crimes which are on the rise include burglaries, thefts, auto thefts and fire setting. General stats show that there was a nine percent increase in property crimes in 2012, when compared to 2011.

Data listed in this Property Crime section is derived from California’s Department of Justice.

Since Marin County features an affluent and aging population, the influence of surrounding communities may play a role in the increase in property crimes. However, state trends show that many counties experienced increases in property crimes in 2012, versus 2011.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore a couple of neighborhoods in Marin County in order to contrast their crime statistics.

Which Neighborhoods are the Safest?

The county features a median average income of a little over ninety thousand dollars per year, so it’s definitely a wealthy county. However, some of its neighborhoods are more subject to crimes and this type of information is good to know. The county has thirteen cities and towns, so there are plenty of neighborhoods and differences in crime rates.

Mill Valley is one the safer places to live in Marin County. This town is about fourteen miles away from San Fran and it’s an upscale neighborhood. While it isn’t crime-free, it’s perceived as being one of the safest neighborhoods in the county. There were no murders in Mill Valley during 2012 or 2013. There were nine assaults and seventy-eight burglaries during 2013.

Golden Gate Bridge with cloudy sky, San Francisco

In contrast, the county’s Canal Zone of San Rafael neighborhood is perceived as being less safe and therefore less desirable as a place to live. This neighborhood features a mixture of low-income and high-income housing. To put things in perspective, the Canal Zone has 102% more crime than the rest of the San Rafael area, according to Palo Alto DUI Lawyers.

Hopefully, this detailed guide has helped you to learn more about crime rates in Marin County, California. If you want more statistics and information, consider checking out official State of California resources. Marin County is a lovely place to put down roots – however, understanding its crime rates is very important.