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Car Accident Issues in the Bay

Car accidents can cause bodily injury or damage to property and at times both. The car accident law in Bay Area is not different from the relevant state law in the rest of California. While it is desirable to have the at fault person or people acknowledge their errors and cooperate with the injured or the victim, so the insurers can expedite the process of approving claims and grant the rightful compensation for damages caused, more often than not the injured or the victim has to seek legal intervention.

When a person or an entity accepts their fault, the case is simple, and the insurer will follow its standard protocol to pay for the damages. Things get complicated when one has to seek the intervention of a court. It should be noted that not all legal interventions involve the court. A victim can always hire a personal injury lawyer or a practicing attorney of car accident law to get in touch with the person or entity at fault and subsequently their insurer to seek fair compensation. Legal intervention requires proof. Nothing can be established, and no case can be made without irrefutable evidence. Let us explore the different scenarios that can complicate making a case of personal injury under car accident law in the Bay Area, California.

Damage to property can be easily established. If the car or any other movable and immovable property has been damaged during a car accident, you may take photos of the same and use the images as proof. It is also possible to find eyewitnesses in most cases. There may be video footage available from street cameras or the cams installed at private properties. There are security cameras at commercial properties that may have recorded footage of the accident. Such evidences are usually irrefutable. These can serve as the foundation of the case. Personal injury is also easy to prove, provided there is medical evidence.

There is no standard definition or description of personal injury. Any injury caused by a car accident that gets vetted by a doctor or a healthcare professional would qualify as substantial evidence. It is easy to prove broken bones or fractures, injuries caused to soft tissues, brain or spinal cord, bruises or wounds, burns and reflex sympathetic disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder can also be proved. What cannot be proved is pain and suffering if there was no physical injury to begin with. There can be trauma during the accident, but the victim may not have suffered any injury or one that is diagnosable. It is hard to make a case of personal injury when the bodily damage cannot be substantiated through any medical test or diagnosis. Hence, it is imperative to understand the nature of the case before filing for damages. If the damage is limited to property, then the compensation must be worked out accordingly. If there is no bodily injury, then it is best to avoid claiming for any compensation on such grounds and one must stick to property damage.

Every Toys “R” Us Store in the US Closes – Including Famous Location in Sacramento

In March 2018, Toys “R” Us announced that they were going to close every single one of the United States storefronts, ending a legacy of maybe the most famous toy stores anywhere in the world.

And the Toys “R” Us stores are still going to exist “north of the border” – a number of Canadian stores will stay open since the organization that licensed the Toys “R” Us name for Canadian locations will remain in business – it’s going to be impossible to find ANY Toys “R” Us stores in the US by the end of 2018.

First established in 1948, Toys “R” Us grew into an absolute juggernaut in the toy space. With more than 800 stores open around the United States at the time of this closing announcement (and nearly 1500 stores at their peak), no other toy store on the planet could quite rival what Toys “R” Us brought to the table.

More than 30,000 jobs are going to be loss with this news as well. Dozens of storefronts in the state of California are going to be shuttered once and for all, but it’s one particular location in Sacramento that may be missed most of all.

The Toys “R” Us on Arden Way in Sacramento was home to an event that every single child in the US during the 1980s and 1990s dreamed about happening to them.

You might remember a show on Nickelodeon that showcased children getting a chance to run around a Toys “R” Us with absolutely no other shoppers in there but them, and absolutely EVERYTHING that they dumped into their shopping carts and brought back to the register area went home with them – 100% free of charge.

Well, a Sacramento native filled out dozens and dozens of entry cards to compete on this show when he was just 10 years old, and lo and behold he was lucky enough to selected for the televised event.

Organizers from Nickelodeon came out and through a big party at his elementary school, televising the entire thing. The very next day they set up the Arden Way Toys “R” Us for the lucky winner to run around and get anything and everything he wanted from the store, with Nickelodeon footing the bill completely..

The whole event took between five and six hours to film, even though everything was condensed down to just a minute and a half TV clip to advertise Toys “R” Us, but the winner walked away with thousands and thousands of dollars of free toys – and memories of a Sacramento area Toys “R” Us that will last a lifetime.

It’s sad to see the giant go, especially knowing that memories like these won’t be created by kids in the future.

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